Sea cucumber - Blatt-Seegurke
Neothyonidium sp.
? Cucumaria sp. ? - click to go to next image
photo by Wim Van Daalen - 14/2/2000 - Ko Pee Pee Lae - Palong

As La - dive instructor at Paradise Diving / Pee Pee Paradise Pearl Resort - showed us this rare and strange animal which he recently had discovered after more than 2000 dives in the Pee Pee area we didn't know what it was. We could observe how it was feeding with its 10 tree-like tentacles. Fully expanded these tentacles catch plancton or other small lifeforms. Then - one by one - the tentacles are somehow "licked off".  Reducing the internal pressure of one of the tentacles made them fluffy. They end up  in a hole at the center of the animal. Within seconds the pressure is reestablished and all the branches again fully expand. Then another tentacle is "licked off" and so on ... This species seems to be really rare.
(Thanks to Helmut Schuetz, who conformed our guess.)
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