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Katafigi vandalism - Graffiti

An uncountable number of painted arrows point to the exit of katafigi. Most of them indicate the shortest route. At many places there are more than one - in different colors. In addition to that "redundancy" many arrows are painted on totaly useless places - particular that sprayed with lumenescent paint. If one can already see the daylight (photo above left) or if there is no junction on the trail through the cave (photo above right - photo below) there is no need for arrows every few metres. If there is no brain in the head of would-be-speleogists they should stay out. It is a great pity how many stalactites are more or less irreversibly smeared.
(There are a few arrows in combination with the communists Hammer-and-Sickle sign which are pointing inward the cave. They are always outnumbered by other arrows pointing to the exit.)


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