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Katafigi vandalism - Ariadne's Thread

Kilometres of rotting lines, ropes, strings and threads are polluting Katafigi - kilometres of lines are still waiting to be laid. Although there is a long tradition in Greece - more than 2500 years - to use threads in labyrinths and this kind of vandalism is harmless compared to breaking off stalactites or spraying lumenescent paint at them, there is no really need for it. Katafigi is full of painted arrows pointing to the entrance / exit. If one feels, he or she need a line to find back out, he or she should stay out of the cave, because the enviroment is too dangerous for this kind of would-be-speleogists. If he or she luckyly survive the underworld adventure at least the lines should be removed after usage. Times of Ariadne and Theseus are definitely over.
Recently someone proofs his insanity by puting candles in a line from the entrance to the "Stone Bridge".

© upper photos by Helmut Schütz - 8.9.2002 / lower photo by Thomas Gramanitsch - 25.9.2005
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